Indonesian Maid Agency In Malaysia


As a professional Indonesian maid agency in Malaysia, we work closely with a governmental body, Indonesian maid supplier and  Indonesian maid agency in both Malaysia and Indonesia to ensure the sufficiency of supplies. A good relationship with all these bodies, we have never got into insufficiency of supplies along with our business journey.

As the process and formalities of hiring Indonesian maid in Malaysia are complicated, hence we provide A-Z services by helping our client in sourcing the right Indonesian maid and complete the hiring process in the shortest time.

To make sure the hiring process is short and beneficial to our clients, our recruitment crew will visit Indonesia every month to meet our Indonesian maid supplier. The main objective of the meeting is to make sure a face to face interview session with the maids will be conducted, in which the interview allows our recruitment crew to identify high quality maids to be recruited. High quality maid defined as their education level, family background, work quality, and others. Most importantly, our recruitment crew has to make sure the maids are sincere and ready to work in Malaysia.

However, as a professional Indonesian maid agency in Malaysia, we understand cultural differences might causing communication error and trouble to both the employer and the maid. Therefore, a series of training programs and lessons will be conducted to these workers in order to ensure their adaptability to the local environment is positive.

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